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Inspired by the handcrafted artistry of Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood was built during the Great Depression, and it's a great example of the resourcefulness of artisans at that time. Woven textiles and woodwork were made by hand with locally sourced materials.  One of the pieces I'm always drawn to when visiting the lodge is this...

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Earth Day every day

I try to live like it's Earth Day every day. As a consumer, I think about the impact of my dollar. And as a maker, I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate sustainable and locally sourced materials into my work. There are days I feel very convicted, and there...

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My weavings and paintings in Australia

Peanut Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that recently opened in Adelaide, Australia. My work was part of the first group show in fall of 2016 called Of Land and Sea. Currently you can find several of my original handwoven works and paintings available in their new online shop.  ...

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